Perot's Own Deficit

In a bad case of preaching while not practicing, Ross Perot was found to owe over $15,000 to the State of New York.

This was discovered on the heels of the launch of his website, a public information campaign against the soaring budget deficit of the US. The one-time presidential candidate, who ran in 1996 and 1992, was renowned for his staunch stance on reducing national debt.

As first reported on a website,, the debt was partly incurred on the campaign trail of years past. For thirteen years, the debt, amounting to $6,436.96, remained unpaid.

It comes from sales tax unsettled by the New York-based People for Perot since 1995.

Mr. Perot, for his part, denies knowing about the accounts. In hindsight, campaigners are not unheard of to disappear from the scene once election ends.

Another contributor to the debt was Perot's IT services firm, Perot Systems. Based in Texas, Perot Systems wasn't able to pass important documents in 2005, resulting in a $2,000 penalty to the New York State Department. Over time, the debt has ballooned to $8,814.55.

In its books, Perot Systems recorded a sum that's $1,800 less than the government's figures.

To its credit, Perot Systems, since 2004, has delivered $3.6 million worth of taxes to the state.

Anyway, $15,000 dollars is probably just peanuts to Mr. Perot, a certified billionaire. But if he doesn't want people to take his words hereon with the proverbial grain of salt, he better pay up.


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