Bill Clinton thinks Obama can win Colorado

Political analysts credit Bill Clinton's win in the 1992 U.S. presidential elections in part to Ross Perot. Apparently Perot, then a third-party presidential candidate, siphoned votes from Clinton's main opponent, former president George Bush Sr.

In his July 2 fundraiser at The Broadmoor resort near the Colorado Rockies, Illinois senator Barack Obama let everybody know that Bill Clinton thinks that the scenario has changed radically this time around.

"He said, when I ran the first time, it would have been tough to win if Ross Perot hadn't been in the race, but you've seen a seismic shift in attitudes here," Barack Obama said, pointing out a dialogue he had with the former president of the United States earlier.

In other words, both Clinton and Obama see a scintilla of hope in the political landscape of the American West.

Clinton basically gave Obama a heartening pep talk about defying odds in a traditionally Republican territory.

But Obama shouldn't really keep his hopes that high up in Colorado, least of all most electoral prizes in the West. He could campaign all he want but he should still be wary, seeing as how George W. Bush got elected --- and reelected --- by Colorado for the U.S. presidency.

Clinton could downplay it, Obama could deny it, but someone like Ross Perot is undoubtedly useful in the 2008 elections.


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