Jeff Bezos, Twitter Fan

Users of Twitter, the sensational microblogging service, are no strangers to FailWhales. These are graphics that frequently appear on its website to indicate yet another of its world-famous crashes.

Yet no one's really leaving.

For the week ending July 5, the traffic rate for Twitter was markedly higher than the same period in 2007, according to HitWise. If truth be told, it's the overwhelmingly congesting traffic that causes these outages. There are over a million Twitter subscribers, who've found sending "Tweets" --- 140-character messages --- a can't-do-without to update their social networks.

In this vein, Jeff Bezos' move to fund Twitter could be seen as equal parts sympathy and business savvy. On June 24, Bezos, founder of online shopping giant Amazon, was revealed as one of Twitter's newest venture investors.

To the tweeting tune of $15 million, Bezos, through Bezos Expeditions, will personally invest in upgrading Twitter's flagging technology. As it is, Twitter already leverages Amazon for its photo services. More hopeful Twitter fans even expect Bezos to rent out the humongous capacity of Amazon's data centers to the site.

Even with growing competition from rivals Plurk and FriendFeed, which offer lesser crashes, Twitter still takes the cake. In the same HitWise report, Twitter's traffic outpaced its competitors, including one-time favorite Pownce.

Whether or not Bezos is here to stay, Twitter has a very reliable fallback --- its fans. Now if only the site could stop crashing before it burns.


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